Bonus Podcast: A Trip To The Retro City Festival In Pomona, CA

January 11, 2019
In this Bonus podcast between Season 1 and Season 2, Steve takes his family to the Retro City Festival in Pomona, CA . Mild, family friendly hijinks ensue.
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S1:E10: Christmas In The Vertical Blank plus The Christmas Train

December 23, 2018
In this season 1 finale, the Fulton brothers discuss the early years of Atari and Christmas, culminating in a Christmas story that ties a bow on a few of the previous stories and themes from this season. There are also some surprises, weird occurances, and awkwardness. Lots and lots of awkwardness. What were you expecting?  Some Images To Illustrate The Podcast Probably the first ad we ever saw in Electronic Games magazine from November 1981
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S1:E9: Laser Blast And The Weird Family Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018
S1:E9: The Weird Family Thanksgiving In the Vertical Blank In the penultimate episode of season one of Into The Vertical Blank, travel back to Thanksgiving holidays of the past to find out how pop culture,  games and Atari fit into The Vertical Blank.    This episode features a story by Steve Fulton named "The Weird Family" and Story by Jeff Fulton named "4 Days In November" Notes: See images mentiiend inpodcast here:
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S1:E8: Wild Gunman and The Bronze Age Of Arcade Games

October 25, 2018
S1:E8:  The Bronze Age  of Arcade Video Games In this episode Steve and Jeff discuss their favorite games and memories of the Bronze Age of arcade video games, a period that spans 1971 (pong) to 1978 (Space Invaders).  The pair talk about what was special about those games, and why they matter today. Also included: new music by Jeff, Atari Haiku, a remix by Jeff, and brand-new story by Steve named “Sharpshooter&rdqu...
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S1:E7: Playing The VCS Together, Interview with Jamie Lendino

September 19, 2018
This episode takes a slightly more personal turn as twin brother hosts Jeff and Steve Fulton tell stories and relive memories of playing together in both analog and digital ways  in the 1970’s. The episode includes an original non-fiction story by Steve Fulton titled “Big Mouse And Little Mouse 1.0”. This episode also features an interview with Jamie Lendino about his book “Adventure: The Atari VCS At The Dawn Of Console Gaming&rdqu...
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