S2:E9: DragonStomper And The Birth Of Console RPGs

August 23, 2019
Into the vertical blank: Generation Atari: Season 2, Episode 9 DragonStomper In the episode, Steve and Jeff take a deep look at the Atari 2600 game Dragon Stomper, what it meant to them in the grand scheme of gaming, and also how it had an effect on early 80’s video and computer games as a whole.  AtariProtos.com Dragon Stomper Page
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S2:E8: The Exact Moment Nintendo Won The Video game War (A Short, Left Handed Episode)

July 26, 2019
In this short summer bonus episode, Steve explores what he thinks is the exact moment Nintendo beat everyone and and won the video game war.  I imagine, it's not exactly what you expect.
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S2: E7 Pele's Soccer, Atari, and A Summer Story

July 08, 2019
Into the Vertical Blank: Generation Atari - Season 2 Episode 7 : Emits a shower of sparks: How we stopped playing  soccer and started playing Atari (along with Pele) In this episode, Steve and Jeff cover Pele’s Soccer for the Atari 2600, and the cultural as well as business atmosphere surrounding the game. This game fit perfectly into the summer episode slot as Soccer in the USA is mostly a summer sport,...
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'Claw Hammer' : Father's Day Special Edition

June 16, 2019
This is a rebroadcast of the the story 'Claw Hammer' from season 1, episode 2. specially for father's day.
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S2:E6: Why We Collect Atari

June 09, 2019
In this episode, Steve and Jeff have a frank discussion about what they collect and why they collect Atari.  Also includes a couple segments from Steve's "Fultonbot's Atari Quest" blog series, as well as an impromptu live remote visit to their favorite retro game store. 
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