S2: E3. We Always Wanted To Work for Atari

April 06, 2019
Steve and Jeff provide two new stories about wanting to work for, with, or somehow adjacent to classic Atari. The pair also answer feedback, to explain recent Irata, and give some responses to their favorite podcasts.  Tony Longworth’s incredibly melodic industrial grunge track “Into the Vertical Blank” again accompanies this episode, along wit...
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S2:E2: Going,Going,Gone (Fun Factory, Sears, Pizza Parlours)

March 22, 2019
This week we are inspired by  one of our all-time a favorite podcasts This American Life.  Taking a cue from Ira Glass’s often copied, but never duplicated style, we have collected three new stories on single topic: Going Going, Gone. Our first “Going” story from myself, Steve, called “Surprise Box” is about a seaside arcade that is destined to close forever.  Our next &ldq...
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Bonus #2 Friday Display List: Feedback and response

March 16, 2019
This week, 8bitjeff gets into a some awesome listener feedback and provides some of his own for the Atari 5200 Podcast.  First up some questions and answers for Tony Longworth, who’s Into The Vertical Blank song gets its own full length airing in the episode. Next up is an incredible story by Bill Lange about his father, his childhood, Christmas and Lionel Trains.  To finish off the episode, Jeff provides instant feedback to the 5200 Podcast on...
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S2:E1: The Disappearance Of Charley Chuck : Atari Food Fight

March 10, 2019
In this first episode of season 2 the Fulton’s dive into a mystery: Why hasn’t Atari’s magnificent 1983 game “Food Fight” appeared any of their retro game collections? Where has it is gone?   Episode features an in-depth interview with the fabulous Jonathan Hurd, creator on the Food Fight arcade game for GCC and Atari. Atari 2015 IP Catalog:...
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Bonus Podcast: A Trip To The Retro City Festival In Pomona, CA

January 11, 2019
In this Bonus podcast between Season 1 and Season 2, Steve takes his family to the Retro City Festival in Pomona, CA . Mild, family friendly hijinks ensue.
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