Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari

S3:E1: Atari's Biggest Mistake (part 1): The Day Atari Lost The Video Game War

What was Atari's biggest mistake? To truly be inside The Vertical Blank is to ruminate on "what could have been." For Atari, there are many "what could have been" moments. What if they produced The Amiga computer? What if they released the NES? In this two-part season opener we delve into, what we believe, was the biggest mistake Atari ever made. Any mention of the games Pac-Man and E.T. for the Atari VCS elicit groans from Atari fans because they have heard the arguments before: they are "the worst ever", they "caused the crash". But what if those games were only a small part of much bigger and more fundamental mistake that Atari made in the 80's, that still has repercussions today?

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