S2:E2: Going,Going,Gone (Fun Factory, Sears, Pizza Parlours)

March 22, 2019

This week we are inspired by  one of our all-time a favorite podcasts This American Life.  Taking a cue from Ira Glass’s often copied, but never duplicated style, we have collected three new stories on single topic: Going Going, Gone. Our first “Going” story from myself, Steve, called “Surprise Box” is about a seaside arcade that is destined to close forever.  Our next “going” story S from Jeff called “The Magic Basement” is about a certain retail establishment that is now on its last legs, but still fighting to stay alive.The final piece,   “Gone” story, named “Terms Not Disclosed” from  Steve,  talks about a certain restaurant from our youth that has disappeared and may never come back.

Photos from The Fun Factory


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