S2:E19 : It's A Clip Show! "Best Of" moments From Season 1 and Season 3 Preview

Episode 19 March 01, 2020 01:17:34
S2:E19 : It's A Clip Show!  "Best Of" moments From Season 1 and Season 3 Preview
Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari
S2:E19 : It's A Clip Show! "Best Of" moments From Season 1 and Season 3 Preview

Show Notes

Remember back in the 70's, after May sweeps, when   in the TV Guide it would say Happy Days had a (New) episode, but when you watched, it was just Fonzie, Ritchie and Laurie Beth reminiscing about what-not or whatever, as an excuse to play old clips and save money on production.  This is that, but oh so much worse.  Enjoy!
- A new discussion with updates on past episodes
- Clips from all season 1 episodes
- An "emily" supercut
-A new "season 3" opening we are testing out

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