Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari

S2:E11: Star Wars and Atari In The Vertical Blank : Part 1

In this two-part series we delve deep into Star Wars (or Star Wars:A New Hope for those who didn’t see the movie in the summer of 1977).  We examine the movie’s affect on us as 70’s kids and how Atari’s 1983 coin-operated “Star Wars: The Arcade Game” finally gave us the chance to be Luke Skywalker.

See the photos from Sept. 26th, 1977 here:


-Coin Connection, May 1983


-Jed Margolin, Ed Rotberg “First Person Space War Memo” Dec 21, 1979

-Dane Flansburgh former Project Archivist at The Strong


-Jed Margolin, Atari VAX Email March 7, 1983


Mike Halley Interview

-Jed Margolin “Unit Vector Math For 3D Graphics”


Mike Halley Interview

Lucasfilm memo to Atari Star Wars development team

- (Internal Atari email, Jan. 31 1984)

-(Internal Atari email response, Feb 1, 1984)


-Michael Blanchett, Electronic Fun, Nov. 1983

-Jostik, Nov. 1983 


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-Electronic Games, Jan. 1985

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