S1:E0: Newbie (Jeff's Original Test Episode) (Remaster)

April 26, 2018 00:36:24
Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari
S1:E0: Newbie (Jeff's Original Test Episode) (Remaster)

Show Notes

8bitrocket’s Into The Vertical Blank, Growing Up Atari  Ep: 0

This is the test episode of the Into The Vertical Blank, Growing Up Atari. In it, 8bit Jeff (Jeff Fulton from 8bitrocket.com) tries out and reviews 5 Atari XL/XE Cartridges (probably won’t work on a 400 or 800) that he recently purchased from Video 61.

This is a very extended version of what was originally going to be a short user submitted addition to the Antic Atari 8bit Podcast.

Extra Show notes for 8bitrocket.com’s New Podcast section: (use above and this)

We have decided to expand the focus to all Atari computers and systems, new and old, review new games we collect, talk about all the systems, and the significance they had in our lives and the lives of others, and even talk about them in an historical context wit the backdrop the times they were released, and how they are being used now.

In the podcast #1 and beyond, Steve Fulton (8bitsteve, twin brother to Jeff, also from 8bitrocket.com) will join and start experiencing new games and old with Jeff as they discuss all things Atari.

Links for this show:

The Antic Podcast: https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/

Video 61 / Atari Sales : http://members.tcq.net/video61/main.html
Atari Mania: Http://www.atarimania.com

Homesoft Atari 8bit Games Archive: http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php


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