Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari

--- Jeff Fulton & Steve Fulton ---

A Podcast about growing up In the 70s and 80s, at the dawn of video games, navigating family strife, punk rock, Star Wars obsessions, and trying to understand to the world while developing an inexplicable love for everything “Atari”. -- We are twin brothers who grew up "Atari" or as we call it, in The Vertical Blank. The Vertical Blank is space between the lines. It's the the second half of Generation X. It's the where work occurs you never see on screen. It's the nuances that makes nostalgia real. It's the transcendental location that holds our best memories, biggest joys, greatest fears, and our most terrible losses. In this podcast we discuss Atari computers and systems, new and old, review new games we collect, talk about all the systems, and the significance they had in our lives and the lives of others, and even talk about them in an historical context with the backdrop the times they were released, and how they are being used now. We do all this in an effort to finally understand the answer to this existential question: what does it mean to have grown up "Atari" in the generation of the Vertical blank. Credits: Written, Engineered and Produced by Steve Fulton @fultonbot and Jeff Fulton @8bitrocket Branding by Daryl Litts @daryllitts

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Latest Episodes…

  1. S4:E12 Xmas 1984 : BBS: Demented and Sad, But Social

    S4:E12 Xmas 1984 : BBS: Demented and Sad, But Social In  this episode, Steve and Jeff discuss Christmas 1984. Tramiel had purchased Atari but the Fulton brothers were oblivious and just wanted a modem to call BBSs and download public domain software. They also discuss Atari Writer, ...


  2. S4:E11 Sanctuary in Pelnor: The First Atari ST Role-Playing Games

    In this episode Steve and Jeff discuss the Atari ST role-playing games listed in from 1987, and also briefly go into the 1986 ones they discussed in S4:E10.  They also discuss the latest news that interests them. This all leads into a story by Steve that weaves ...


  3. S4:E10: Atari ST Games the Early Years

    S4:E10: Atari  ST Games the Early Years In this Episode, we cover the Atari ST, released in 1985 and what we consider to be the best "launch" titles for the system release in 1985 and 86. Of course these are not necessarily Launch Titles as ...


  4. S4:E9: Charley Chuck Has Been Found Alive!

    Charley Chuck has been found!  Atari announced recently that there will be a 21st century new console update for the game Food Fight!  In this episode we track down Interview with Andrew Marsh of Mega Cat to talk about their plans for the game, and also about what ...


  5. S4:E8: The Disappearance Of Charlie Chuck - Remaster

    There is new information regarding the whereabouts of one Charlie Chuck, the star of Atari's 1984 coin-op, Food Fight.  We will be revealing what we know and have a special interview in the next episode.  But for now, refresh your memories of the full mystery with a remastered version of ...