S2:E13: The Haunting of the Vertical Blank?

October 20, 2019
Into the vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 2 Episode 13 : The Haunting of the Vertical Blank This time the guys discuss “scary” Atari games (mostly *not* scary all), some real-world experiences that beg the question “Was Jeff and Steve’s 520 Atari ST haunted?”, a story about a creepy pen and paper “game” that had a profound effect on the pair growing up, and finally, a look into the v...
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S2:E12: Star Wars and Atari In The Vertical Blank : Part 2

October 04, 2019
In the follow-up episode to the Season 2, Episode 12, Steve and Jeff continue their discussion of the impact that Star Wars on their video game experience and video games in general.   They also add in a story by Steve and have a game play session of the Arcade, Atari 2600, and Atari 400/800/XL/XE version(s) of Star Wars Death Star Battle. Twitter: https://twitte...
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S2:E11: Star Wars and Atari In The Vertical Blank : Part 1

September 22, 2019
In this two-part series we delve deep into Star Wars (or Star Wars:A New Hope for those who didn’t see the movie in the summer of 1977).  We examine the movie’s affect on us as 70’s kids and how Atari’s 1983 coin-operated “Star Wars: The Arcade Game” finally gave us the chance to be Luke Skywalker. See the photos from Sept....
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S2:E10: Playing Outside in Generation X

September 13, 2019
To salute the end of summer, w e are re-running a story from last season named "Big Mouse And Little Mouse" that has been updated, expanded and remastered.   This is a story about the type of imaginative play that occurs when kids are trying to discover the world.   This was play in world of the mid 70's, without screens (except the wood console one on the living room).  The events in this story are all real, and all took place on a single day that I recall vividly fr...
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S2:E9: DragonStomper And The Birth Of Console RPGs

August 23, 2019
Into the vertical blank: Generation Atari: Season 2, Episode 9 DragonStomper In the episode, Steve and Jeff take a deep look at the Atari 2600 game Dragon Stomper, what it meant to them in the grand scheme of gaming, and also how it had an effect on early 80’s video and computer games as a whole.  AtariProtos.com Dragon Stomper Page
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