Never Let The Fires Die: The Alarm Podcast

--- Jeff Fulton & Steve Fulton ---

The official podcast of Steve Fulton and Jeff Fulton take you on a journey through the history and music of their favorite band, The Alarm. No stone un-turned, and all projects treated with the respect they deserve.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. E10: An Alarm Fathers Day Story - A Moment Near Aspen Grove

    Alarm Podcast host Steve Fulton recites a true story for Father's Day about his dad, himself, and the meaning of The Alarm's music in his short, non-fiction story "A Moment Near Aspen Grove" Excerpt: "The Alarm E.P. might be my favorite record ever recorded.   It was five slices of what ...


  2. E9:; Alarm Alarm

    This week Jeff and Steve Fulton discuss the legendary "lost" Alarm song, "Alarm Alarm".  What will they find as they excavate 40 years of Alarm history, looking for what could be, the quintessential Alarm track?    Featuring a brand new interview with Mike Peters. Cast Steve Fulton (Host) Jeff Fulton (Host) Mike Peters Crew Jeff Fulton: ...


  3. E8 : Blood Red Album Review

    In this episode, hosts Jeff and Steve Fulton completely geek out while reviewing the new album from Mike Peters And The Alarm, Blood+Red. "I may be completely off base here, but I believe this whole record and everything about it was a direct, calculated move by Mike Peters to ...


  4. E7 : Of Miracles And Manchester

    UK Roving Reporters Steve and Amanda Varty take us into a fan's eye view of the 2017 Manchester Alarm Show May 11th at the O2 Ritz.   Hear the Steve and Amanda's expert opinions on The Alarm, and Marvel at the Amazing Story of Amanda Varty's illness and recovery Notes: Never mind ...


  5. E6: Extra Bits And Odds And Bobs And Sods

    In this bonus podcast we revisit a few of the previous episodes.   We have a full version of the "Georgie" demo from Podcast #1,  some additional interviews from Podcast #2, and a version of "The Cross" played that the UCLA LA Gathering that did not make it into episode ...