#6: Extra Bits And Odds And Bobs And Sods

May 15, 2017
In this bonus podcast we revisit a few of the previous episodes.   We have a full version of the "Georgie" demo from Podcast #1,  some additional interviews from Podcast #2, and a version of "The Cross" played that the UCLA LA Gathering that did not make it into episode #2.
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#5 : Backstage At The UK Tour Kickoff

May 09, 2017
Listen as roving UK reporters Gary Overington and Mike Peters himself take you on a unique journey backstage at the 2017 UK Tour Kickoff in Portsmouth.  Includes interviews with with the crew and band (including a very intimate  personal and interview with Jules Jones conducted by Gary) plus several live performances. Features: Gary Overington Mark Warden Andi Badgeman Mike Peters Jules Jones James...
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#4: NYC Gathering with Guest Lily Elsayed

May 04, 2017
In this JUMBO episode, Jeff and Alarm super fan Lily Elsayed discuss  the NYC Gathering, the WLIR documentary, The Man In The Camo Jacket, 13 Reasons Why, and for some reason, Mike Peters's 1991 trouser selection.   Steve Fulton dials in from the road, and joins at the end. Hosts: Steve Fulton Jeff Fulton Guest: -Lily Elsayed Songs Played Lie Of The Land Big Road Blue (Dave Sharp fr...
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#3: Interview Session From 30th Anniversary Spirit Of'86 Event, UCLA, 2016

April 26, 2017
Introduction, Interview, live song from the 2016 30th Anniversary Spirit of '86 UCLA event.    Alarm podcast host Steve Fulton interviewed Mike Peters on-stage in a Q&A session.  This session was really the true genesis of the Never Let The Fire Die podcast. Jeff and I discussed creating a podcast on the way home after the event, and Mike agreed the next day.
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#2: The First USA Gathering: UCLA, April 22, 2017

April 23, 2017
In this episode we visit the first USA Gathering at UCLA on April 22nd, 2017.   We discuss the  debut of the documentary "The Man In The Camo Jacket", as well as our overall impressions of the first USA Gathering.  We also discuss some a few other interesting tidbits that Alarm fans should find interesting. Hosts Steve Fulton Jeff Fulton Guest Host Ryan Fulton Interview Excerpts Mike...
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