#1: "The Night Young Georgie Died"

May 29, 2016

In this inaugural episode of "Never Let The Fires Die" The Official Podcast For The Alarm, we start at "the end".  We discuss the last officially released song credited to "The Alarm."  Then we delve back to try to understand the meaning of that song, the song credit "The Alarm", and much much more.

Show Notes: Hosts: Jeff Fulton Steve Fulton Interviews: Mike Peters Songs Played: Lie Of The Land (Intro) (available on Eponymous Alarm 2000 album) Let The River Run It's Course (available on Raw album) Strength To Strength (acoustic demo) (available on alarm.chnage.demos (out of print) Georgie (demo) (not available) Strength To Strength (electric demo) (not available) Strength To Strength (2011, Sound And Fury version) (current unavailable) Change 1 (outro) (available on Change Alarm 2000 reissue) All music used by permission of 21 Century Records

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