Never Let The Fires Die: The Alarm Podcast

--- Jeff Fulton & Steve Fulton ---

The official podcast of Steve Fulton and Jeff Fulton take you on a journey through the history and music of their favorite band, The Alarm. No stone un-turned, and all projects treated with the respect they deserve.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. E26: War and Alarm Central

    After a year break when there was no need for a podcast because The Alarm was basically podcasting 2 hours of content a week, we are back to discuss  the twin earthquakes that shook The Alarm world this week: War and Alarm Central.  ...


  2. E25: Upstream v. Change

    In this episode we review Hurricane Of Change: Upstream while comparing and contrasting with the 1989 Change album and thealarm.change.demos.  It's like high school English all-over again, but with a ton more great music and a bit of (bleeped) swearing becasue we are just that d*amned passionate about The Alarm's ...


  3. E24: Hurricane Of Change: Downstream

    In this episode we have a deep discussion about Mike Peters' 2019 release, Downstream, the first disc in the Hurricane Of Change Collection.   ...


  4. E23: What If We Picked The Singles?

    Were the singles picked from the 80's albums by The Alarm the right choices?  Join us as we banter about things we can never change, and play a ton of music along the way. ...


  5. E22: 2019 Year-End New Year's Interview With Mike Peters

    An interview about the present, which is where the past and future meet. ...